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Weekly Photography Tips Blog

I was featured on another photographers blog last week. I got a remark from an anonymous poster that our work has no emotion and that I do it only for the extra money. I guess you will always have negative people that try to bring you down. If my clients tell me their images lack […]

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E-Mail from Soulla.

Got this e-mail from Soulla today. “Hi Jaco, I just want to say a huge thank you for all your hard work! We managed to download some of the pics while we were on honeymoon and were blown away. we got back this weekend and saw the rest on your blog and they are amazing. […]

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Flash Flavor

I is a real honour to be featured on Flash Flavor again. Matt & Sol where selected as one of the top 10 wedding photography studios in the USA and for us to be an inspiration to them is a great honour 😉 . BTW, That is real Fire in that shot, not fake Photoshop […]

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Fire & Ice

Some images I created at my workshop “Breaking out of the traditional mould”. The fire part is easy to understand by looking at the fire image but the ice comes from the fact that it was very cold when we did the shoot. The models where super troopers and did not complain one time about […]

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the dti building shoot.

Some members from a forum I belong to arranged a shoot at the dti building in Pretoria. I have been planning to do a shoot there for some time but just did not have the time to arrange it. Well when I heard that others where planning to shoot there I just had to go. […]

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Workshop !!!

I have had so many requests from people to host a photography workshop so the time has finally come. I will be hosting the first workshop in July here in South Africa. Should you be interested please send me a e-mail at and I will include you on the mailing list of what it […]

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Dancing with Yervant in Venice.

Well what can I say? It was a real honour to work with the master in such a wonderful setting. Daleen and I had a blast. Yervant and Anie are such caring and down to earth people. Yervant is a very funny man, he told some very funny stories, I laughed so much I had […]

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Family Time.

You know the saying that when you are a auto mechanic your car never starts, and if you are a builder your house falls apart. Well we decided not to be photographers with out any good images of our selfs. So Danie’s family and mine had a picnic this past Sunday and we did some […]

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You have been planning your wedding day for who knows how long. The excitement grows day by day. You count the days and then finally the big day arrives. The day goes by so fast and all you have left of the day is the images. Before you know it you have been married for […]

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