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Graham & Lorna’s E-session

I photographed Graham and Lorna on Sunday. Graham shares my love of flying and we hit it off from the start talking about micro lighting and paragliding. Their wedding will have a Scottish theme so maybe we will find out what Scotsmen wear under their kilts 😉 Here are some random images and if you […]

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Theo & Nicoleen’s wedding day.

We had the pleasure of photographing Theo and Nicoleen’s wedding yesterday. They are a very young couple as Nicoleen celebrated her 21 birthday the next day. I had to cancel their e-session last week as I just did not feel well enough to do the shoot, but I think we made up for it on […]

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Hannes & Rozelle’s e-session

I photographed Hannes and Rozelle about 3 weeks ago. They are getting married next year. Rozelle was very shy in front of the camera at first but started to relax more as we went along. I do think they make a lovely couple. Can’t wait to shoot their wedding in their home town. Here are […]

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Head shots from yesterday’s session.

Cathy Heaton a very talented make up artist organized us a couple of models for a shoot. Here are a couple from the shoot. I felt very ill and did not get to do everything I hoped for before I had to call it a day. I also had to cancel an e-session with a […]

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Our son in hospital.

Well it was one of those weeks again. Our son was admitted to hospital this week. He has developed tonsillitis and pneumonia. His body temperature is up and down all the time. Please think of him in this time. Daleen is also ill and I am also starting to feel under the weather.

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