Experts Reveal How to Create a Wedding Day Budget

From the moment you start showing your friends and family the engagement ring and letting them know the good news about your impending nuptials, you’re already treading the fine line between being a fiancée and a bride. Being a bride comes with its own responsibilities nowadays – chief among them being planning the bulk of the wedding. Since most brides are first-timers at planning weddings, J&D Photography, with the help of has prepared a guide to creating a wedding day budget.

J&D Photography knows something about extra costs not directly related to the venue, but which are just as integral to creating a cheerful atmosphere for all. Here’s our J&D suggestion on capturing your wedding:

“For clients who have a tight budget but still want top-class photography, we recommend that they book the photographer a year in advance and pay small instalments through the year so that they don’t have a huge amount to pay when the wedding day arrives. Alternatively, they can open a savings account and save up the money on a monthly basis in order to accumulate the total amount for the wedding package. The sooner they start to plan, the more time they will have to save up. Another option is to ask guests to contribute to the wedding photography instead of buying a wedding present.”

When it comes to your wedding day, the first time is the last time. So, it’s best to plan as meticulously as possible without becoming overly stressed.

Ultimately, your wedding is a happy occasion, celebrating the meeting of kindred spirits – so, make that your focal point throughout planning.

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