Dennis & Charmaine’s wedding day

We never met Dennis and Charmaine before the wedding day. We had their e-session scheduled for 1 week before the wedding but it rained out. Then we had a meeting set-up for 2 days later but Dennis did not feel up to it as he had his bachelor’s party the day before and felt, well …… a little under the weather. They live in the East. I think it is Hong Kong.

Their wedding was on 13/04/2007 at Greenleaves.

It was overcast and windy and we had a bit of a downpour as well. Charmaine was very worried that it would rain, but in the end it all worked out very well.

They were a fun couple and did some wacky stunts.
Have a look at their slide show to see the summary of their day. It has a lot of images so moves a bit fast but I wanted to show all of the day.

Dennis and Charmaine I hope you like it.

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