Menlyn Park Shopping mall Bridal / Model shoot

Every now and again I will do a shoot that pushes my creativity to the maximum. I did such a shoot today in the Menlyn Park shopping mall. Why is it difficult to shoot in there you ask. Well there are so many things to take into account. So many light sources from all over the place, reflections in all the glass, people walking around.

Cathy Heaton did the make-up and Gail Gleimius did the hair, thank you both for your efforts. Jua , Maralize and Chantal were our models. Thanks girls for staying up so late.

I did the shoot with Mario Sales and Natasha du Preez . We had a lot of fun and will do something like this again.

Here are some of the images I created.

Jeanette - That’s brilliant!December 11, 2008 – 7:35 am

Cathy Heaton - Gorgeous! Once again your creativity hits a home run!

Thanks for the opportunity to work with all of you again! I loved it!December 11, 2008 – 8:24 am

Natasha Whiteley - Ah Jaco, as always, gorgeous gorgeous work!!!
I love them all! Your use of light is nothing less than spectacular.
Looking forward to next week!December 13, 2008 – 7:29 pm

Jaco - Thanks all.January 11, 2009 – 10:51 pm

natasha lehman - You are what they call an artist of true nature. You can wise up on the tools needed to see but it all clearly depends on your eye for perfect vision. Jaco and Daleen, you are brilliant.February 18, 2009 – 11:20 pm

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