And so the generator saga continues…..

Well as you know we got a generator about 3 weeks ago. We had the electrician here and he did all the wiring for us so we could switch over to the generator when the power fails. For testing purpose they connected the generator and let it run to see if all was OK. Daleen instructed them to leave the generator so I could see that all was OK. Now this thing is very heavy. You need 2 big strong guys to carry it. There is no way my wife will be able to move it so we decided to leave it where it was. After all we are in winter and it does not rain in winter. Who would guess that Pretoria would have its biggest downpour this year in the middle of winter? Last Wednesday we had a huge downpour and you guest it. The generator was still outside. It got soaked. I took a piece of plastic sheeting and covered it and hoped it would still work. Next morning my gardener and I carried to generator to the garage and I used air to blow it dry. I was very please when I started it and found all was OK.

So then I decided that this weekend would be the time I build the roof for the area where the generator will stand.

I got all the tools and set off to build the roof.

This is the area where the generator will stay

First I build a frame for the IBR sheeting.

Here is the completed roof

I spent most of Sunday modifying the base frame of the generator and added some wheels. Now even Daleen can push it around with out any effort.

I still need to add the sound proofing, parapet water proofing and the custom build exhaust system that De Graaf will build for me. It will go through a hole in the wall as you have to get rid of the gasses the generator produces. That is on the agenda for next weekend if all goes well.

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