GT & Lizelle’s wedding day.

Well what a rollercoaster weekend. We drove down to Jozini dam to photograph GT & Lizelle’s wedding day. We drove the 550km on Friday and stayed the night with Ewald and Hantie at their Lebombo bush camp. Two of the most loving and caring people I have met. The wedding was scheduled to take place on the Shayamanzi II house boat. We would be transferred to the boat the following morning. While we were preparing dinner Hantie’s cell phone rang, GT called to tell us that the wedding was no longer on the boat. When the wedding party and their family got to the boat they discovered it looked like a construction site. The Shayamanzi people were still installing the kitchen and fixing up a lot of things on the boat. Bottom line the boat was not sea worthy yet. So we had a wedding the next day but no venue. As you can imagine GT & Lizelle were not happy as they booked the boat 8 months in advance and looked forward to this adventure together.

At first it was decided that the wedding would happen at Lebombo bush camp where we were sleeping the Friday night. The Saturday morning we got a phone call and was told the wedding was now happening at Shayamoya and not at Lebombo. So after breakfast we left for the lodge. Well all is well that ends well and I think the day was enjoyed by all.

GT & Lezelle are such caring people. They went out of their way the whole day to make sure we had enough to drink and eat. GT even served us during the main course the evening of the wedding and made sure everybody were looked after. It was a real shame that this happened to them. They are opening an upper market restaurant in Nelspruit. We are looking forward to go and have dinner there one day.

Some of the guests went to do some tiger fish fishing before the wedding. It was very hot on the boats so GT , Charlie and Clarence decided to take a dip with the crocodiles. I also got a glimpse of the “Loch Ness Monster’s” cousin but seeing our blog is a family site I decided not to post the image (Hey Charlie 😉 ).

The girls that stayed at the lodge got pampered a bit by 2 beauticians

Here are some random images from the day. I will post the slide show when the images are done.

Cathy Heaton - The photos are stunning! What a shame that the boat wasn’t ready 🙁 but it looks like it was a beautiful wedding and they are a happy couple so I guess that is all that matters.September 17, 2007 – 7:13 pm

Hester van Zijl - Wannner sal die “slide-show” gereed wees? Ons is dood nuuskierig.September 22, 2007 – 10:49 am

Jaco - Good things come to those who wait 😉September 26, 2007 – 7:49 pm

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