I have been tagged!!!!

So, there is a thing going around on photographer’s blogs worldwide where you get tagged and then you have to tell 8 things about yourself and tag another 8 people. I was tagged by Amie, a very talented photographer from the USA. Her blog is at thebellavitas

So here are the 8 facts about me.

1] I have a missing middle finger on my right hand. It freaks out some people.
2] My favourite colour is ……. can you guess? …….. red.
3] I like to work under stress. Funny I know but I just work better that way. That is probably why I love to shoot weddings so much.
4] I just love gadgets and electronic devices. I love my Xbox 360 and PSP. I just need to find time to use them.
5] I love fast cars.
6] Here is a funny one. I like the smell of chalk and baby powder. I think I am spending too much time in the book workshop.
7] I like to help people and teach them new things.
8] I like a braai (barbeque for our friends from the USA) and support the Blue Bulls rugby team (NOU DIE BLOU).

OK now I have to go tag 8 other people.

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