GT & Lizelle’s wedding day.

Well what a rollercoaster weekend. We drove down to Jozini dam to photograph GT & Lizelle’s wedding day. We drove the 550km on Friday and stayed the night with Ewald and Hantie at their Lebombo bush camp. Two of the most loving and caring people I have met. The wedding was scheduled to take place on the Shayamanzi II house boat. We would be transferred to the boat the following morning. While we were preparing dinner Hantie’s cell phone rang, GT called to tell us that the wedding was no longer on the boat. When the wedding party and their family got to the boat they discovered it looked like a construction site. The Shayamanzi people were still installing the kitchen and fixing up a lot of things on the boat. Bottom line the boat was not sea worthy yet. So we had a wedding the next day but no venue. As you can imagine GT & Lizelle were not happy as they booked the boat 8 months in advance and looked forward to this adventure together.

At first it was decided that the wedding would happen at Lebombo bush camp where we were sleeping the Friday night. The Saturday morning we got a phone call and was told the wedding was now happening at Shayamoya and not at Lebombo. So after breakfast we left for the lodge. Well all is well that ends well and I think the day was enjoyed by all.

GT & Lezelle are such caring people. They went out of their way the whole day to make sure we had enough to drink and eat. GT even served us during the main course the evening of the wedding and made sure everybody were looked after. It was a real shame that this happened to them. They are opening an upper market restaurant in Nelspruit. We are looking forward to go and have dinner there one day.

Some of the guests went to do some tiger fish fishing before the wedding. It was very hot on the boats so GT , Charlie and Clarence decided to take a dip with the crocodiles. I also got a glimpse of the “Loch Ness Monster’s” cousin but seeing our blog is a family site I decided not to post the image (Hey Charlie 😉 ).

The girls that stayed at the lodge got pampered a bit by 2 beauticians

Here are some random images from the day. I will post the slide show when the images are done.

Cathy Heaton - The photos are stunning! What a shame that the boat wasn’t ready 🙁 but it looks like it was a beautiful wedding and they are a happy couple so I guess that is all that matters.September 17, 2007 – 7:13 pm

Hester van Zijl - Wannner sal die “slide-show” gereed wees? Ons is dood nuuskierig.September 22, 2007 – 10:49 am

Jaco - Good things come to those who wait 😉September 26, 2007 – 7:49 pm

“Bruids Gids” Bridal Magazine Fashion shoot.

We were honoured that “Bruids Gids” bridal magazine asked us to help them with photographing some of the designer’s dresses. It was a long day but I think all had fun and I am happy with the images we produced. Hopefully the dress designers will also like it.

We did the shoot at a new wedding venue called MOYA MATAU that is not fully open yet. They are still building and adding on. You will see I did one of the images in a construction area. I think when they are done it will be even more spectacular than it already is.

Here are some random images from the shoot.

Here are some video clips I took at the shoot. Not the best video quality as I shot this with my point & shoot camera. Just some behind the scene footage 😉
Click on the play button in the middle of every clip.

Cathy Heaton - Fabulous!!!! The photos are outstanding yet again. You just exceed the limit with your photography. There is no end in sight for you – keep going, you are going to become the photographers EVERYONE talks about!

Venue is stunning!September 13, 2007 – 11:25 pm

Ryan - Lovely work, Jaco. The dress in #2 is kickin’!September 14, 2007 – 12:13 am

jakobie - dit is ongelooflik mooi – dankie vir julle harde werk en ek hoop ook die designers kies die beste foto’s (kunstig en vars idees)

jammer ek was nie daar nie, griep hou my hierdie jaar op my tone

Bruidsgids 2008September 14, 2007 – 9:01 am

Mario Sales - Jaco awesome shots here,the one where the bride is lying down on the red backdrop table is brilliant,great angle and a fresh look. Well done.September 16, 2007 – 8:29 am

Mitchell Wong Ho - Congratulations on the shoot!

Great job as always!September 17, 2007 – 9:00 am

Jaco - Thank you allSeptember 26, 2007 – 11:23 pm

Dedrei - Hi Jaco

Soos altyd is jou werk weer van top gehalte. Hierdie en al die ander hierso op jou blog is gorgeous! Kan sien jy het 100 keer verbeter vandat ek laas na jou goed gekyk het. Jy gee my sommer weer moed & inspirasie vir die aussie troues.

Groete uit Aus
DedreiOctober 5, 2007 – 5:02 am

Natasha - Hi Jaco

Foto’s is stunning!


NatashaOctober 5, 2007 – 4:48 pm

Andrew and Susan’s wedding day.

We had the pleasure of photographing Andrew and Susan’s wedding on Sunday. Susan is a lady that hates being photographed. I don’t know why as she made a very beautiful bride and was a natural in front of the camera.

It seems the latest thing is to use star lighters during the first dance. The venue on the other hand asked them not to use it. So we had some sparkles that we could not let go to waste and I decided to play a bit.

Here are some random images from their day, let us know what you think of them.

Ligloop vir eerste indrukke

Die is vir my ‘n mooi stuk wat Daleen vir my gestuur het wat ‘n vriendin vir haar gestuur het. Ek deel dit graag met julle.

“Ek lees onlangs in ‘n boek oor neurologiese navorsing dat die basiese waarnemings funksies in ons kop al binne ‘n 20ste van ‘n sekonde ‘n indruk oor iemand kan vorm. Daardie opinie bly nog vir ‘n 5de van ‘n sekonde in die laer dele van ons brein voordat die hor denke eers begin oorneem. Die kort en die lank is dat eerste indrukke veel vinniger en ook meer blywend van aard is as wat ons dalk dink. As jy nie doelbewus ingryp op die eerste opinies wat jy oor mense vorm nie, gaan jy lewenslank ‘n “eerste-indrukke” slagoffer bly. Jou brein is ‘n fenomenale gawe van die Here, maar jy moet dit leer om reg te dink, anders loop dit haastig ‘n eie pad. Onthou, eerste indrukke oor mense is nie altyd reg nie. Dis dikwels net oorhaastige emosionele opinies. Hoor daarom wat die Spreukeskrywer s: “Wees versigtig wat jy dink. Jou denke kan jou lewe ingrypend benvloed (Spreuke 4:23).” Doen ook wat Paulus in Kolossense 3:2 s: “Rig jou gedagtes op Christus.” Laat Hy jou wys hoe om reg oor mense te dink. Doen dit! Dink lewe, nooit dood nie. Dink hoop, nooit hooploosheid nie. Dink vergifnis, nooit wraak nie.”

Fuji Professional Awards 2007

The Fuji Awards (South Africa’s Premier photographic awards) were announced on 31 August.

This was the first year we entered the Fuji Professional Awards and we were very exited to win 7 awards. We did not know we won until another photographer phoned us on Friday to congratulate us. We were busy at a wedding.

These images are dedicated to our Lord and saviour who give us these talents. Glory to his name.

Here are the images that won awards.

Alisia - These photos are amazing! Machiel and I are looking forward to sharing our wedding with you next month! God is truly goodSeptember 5, 2007 – 2:07 pm

Cathy Heaton - Awesome guys!!! You will get Gold next year, I have no doubt. You just grow from strength to strength with your photography!September 5, 2007 – 11:50 pm

Jaco - Thank you all for the kind words.September 6, 2007 – 11:48 am

Tian & Elsabe’s wedding Day.

We had a marathon weekend. We got up at 4:30 am to drive the 350km to Tzaneen to photograph the wedding of Tian & Elsabe. I was very tired after driving for about 2 hours and Daleen had to take over for a while. Our son did not sleep the previous night, he was not a happy camper, and screamed and cried for most of the trip to Tzaneen. My parents went with us to look after our son. Anyway we got there in time to cover the day. We had a blast and hope they did as well.

Here are some of the images from the day. As always I will post the slide show when done.

We were booked a room at this very nice little B & B in Haenertsburg called the Pennefather
If you are ever in this little town. Do your self a favour and stay the night at this B&B. It is well worth it.

Here are some images from the B & B

Bernie & Natalie’s Wedding Day.

We photographed Bernie and Natalie on Friday. We did their photos before the ceremony as it was a Friday wedding and a lot of the guests were working, so the ceremony was scheduled for 5pm. We had a lot of fun. Natalie was a bit stressed at first but all went well. We had an arrangement with them to not keep us too late l as we had to drive to Tzaneen the next day to shoot another wedding. Thanks for understanding guys, we do appreciate it.

Here are some of their images.

I will post the slide show when done.

Andrew & Susan’s e-session.

I had the pleasure of working with Andrew and Susan about 3 weeks ago. They are getting married on 9 September at Moon and Sixpence. Susan was very shy in front of the camera at first but soon discovered it is not like a visit to the doctor (wink wink , nothing to worry about) they are both doctors by the way.

Here are some images and the slide show if you have broad band. Enjoy.

Some more models shoot images

Well I am finally almost finished with the images from the model shoot that Cathy planned for us. Here are some of the images from the shoot. I have already started planning the next shoot, Cathy and Michelle said they are in so watch this space. I would just like to thank Cathy & Michelle for doing an exceptional job with the girl’s hair and make up. If you are looking for a hairstylist and make up artist you have to give them a call. Then to the girls who sacrificed their Sunday for the shoot, thank you. I hope you like the images.

Cathy Heaton - Fabulous!! I loved working with you on this shoot. It is always an honour. Plus you took some great ones of me. I don’t always love how I look in photos and I LOVE them!!

You’re the best!!August 30, 2007 – 11:40 pm

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