Graham & Lorna’s wedding day …..

We photographed Graham & Lorna’s wedding yesterday. It was a cold and cloudy day but Graham & Lorna were real troopers and took all my orders with a smile. Here are some of the images we did at the venue. Their reception was at the Wonderers club. I will post the web slide show when the images are done. You are most welcome to leave comments if you like the images.

Michael - Lovely evening shots Jaco.August 27, 2007 – 10:56 pm

Gizelle - Spectacular pics – look forward to seeing some more.September 26, 2007 – 12:36 pm

Thinus van Staden’s profile images.

I had the pleasure of working with Thinus van Staden today. He is a Afrikaans musician. The Rapport news paper will do a profile on him in October. Thinus is a very pleasant person and we had some laughs in the studio as Thinus told me he does not like to be in front of the camera.

His web site is still under construction but you can get his contact details at this url

Here are some random images from this shoot. I have been playing a bit with these images to get a more 3D look.

Theo & Nicoleen’s wedding slide show.

We have completed their wedding images. Here is the slide show of their day.
As always if you have broadband click on the play button and enjoy the show.
You are most welcome to leave comments if you feel like it.

Belinda - Nicoleen en Theo..
Ek dink julle maak ‘n wonderlike paartjie! Julle trou foto’s is absoluut stunning!!! Jy maak ‘n besondere mooi bruid… Baie geluk julle!!! Alle voorspoed!!!

Groete BelindaSeptember 13, 2007 – 2:03 pm

Got this great e-mail from Sean and Megan

“Dear Jaco and Daleen,

We wanted to Thank-you both for our beautiful wedding photos. We are reminded of our special day each time we look at them and remember the feelings and emotions which are reflected in the photographs you took.

We want to thank you for the care you put into your photography – the first time we saw the slide show of the photos in your studio, we were overwhelmed at just how much detail you captured. For us it was wonderful to share you blog with Sean’s family, who live overseas, and they could share in our excitement immediately.

So many people told us that a wedding a day, but a marriage is a lifetime – thank-you for capturing our wedding day so that it remains a wonderful memory that will last a lifetime. As I look back on our day – I feel privileged to have such a friendly, efficient and professional couple to be in charge of our photos.

Thanks again

Love Sean and Megan”

Thanks guys. It was a real blast working with you. We are very happy you like what we have done. All the best.

Graham & Lorna’s E-session

I photographed Graham and Lorna on Sunday. Graham shares my love of flying and we hit it off from the start talking about micro lighting and paragliding.
Their wedding will have a Scottish theme so maybe we will find out what Scotsmen wear under their kilts 😉

Here are some random images and if you have broadband click on the play button to view the slide show

Carlene - The photos are breathtaking, something that you will appreciate the more you look at them.October 3, 2007 – 11:11 am

Theo & Nicoleen’s wedding day.

We had the pleasure of photographing Theo and Nicoleen’s wedding yesterday. They are a very young couple as Nicoleen celebrated her 21 birthday the next day. I had to cancel their e-session last week as I just did not feel well enough to do the shoot, but I think we made up for it on their wedding images. Here are some random images from the day. I will post the slide show when the images are done.

Hannes & Rozelle’s e-session

I photographed Hannes and Rozelle about 3 weeks ago. They are getting married next year. Rozelle was very shy in front of the camera at first but started to relax more as we went along. I do think they make a lovely couple. Can’t wait to shoot their wedding in their home town.

Here are some random images and as always if you have broadband click on the play button to view the slide show.

Head shots from yesterday’s session.

Cathy Heaton a very talented make up artist organized us a couple of models for a shoot. Here are a couple from the shoot. I felt very ill and did not get to do everything I hoped for before I had to call it a day. I also had to cancel an e-session with a couple as I just felt too bad to continue. I have been booked off till Thursday by the doctor. Luckily our son is now out of hospital. Thanks for everybody who phoned and prayed for him

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