I love this job ….

We love our job and are happy to be of service. We got this little e-mail today from Sehume & Nthabiseng. It is great when people appreciate your efforts.

Words cannot explain our gratitude for the work that you have produced. We will be forever grateful for what you did for us. Thank you.
Sehume & Nthabiseng”

We are happy you like the work guys. It was a blast working with you. All the best for your future together.

Devan & Sonelle’s slide show

The show moves a bit fast. The song I used was the song I used on their e-session DVD. They liked it so much that they opened the dance floor with it. It is a short song only 3.3 min long so you have to keep up 😉

It was hard shooting in the chapel as the sun was falling directly on them, so I had to use the flash a bit to balance the light.

Well I hope they like the images

Click on the play button for the slide show to start.

Got this great letter in our post box today ….

Dear Jaco and Daleen

We have just spent hours looking at our wedding photos and we are absolutely thrilled. Not only did you capture our special moments you made them magical.

Deciding on a photographer for our wedding was not an easy task. We spent many weeks seeing various photographers and looking at lots of portfolios but somehow we couldn’t make a decision until of course we had a look at your portfolio. We knew within an instant and without hesitation our decision was made.

We found your package to be great value for money. All the extra things that you included, such as the engagement session, the web links and the way you presented your work to us on a projector was extremely impressive and professional. The engagement session was such a bonus and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and loved the photos.

As you know our wedding day was a bit hectic, everything seemed to be against us, time, traffic jams and the weather. But looking back none of those things mattered. You captured our memories as it happened. We are extremely grateful for our engagement photos because this ensured that we had photos of just Alon and I.

Wishing you lots of success and may many other couples experience the perfection of J & D Photography.

Kind regards

Alon and Lucy-Anne Monastursky

Devan & Sonelle

Here are some random images from the current wedding we are working on.

Devan and Sonelle got married on 28/04/2007 at La Petite Auberg in Witbank Mpumalanga.
It was very cold that day and Sonelle had to face the elements but she did so with a smile.

Devan reminds me so much of my own brother who is getting married in September this year. We are doing the photography for him and his new wife to be. It was great fun working with them. Sonelle had this great room divider that was filled with photos from the engagement session we did. She also made a guest book with the images in from that session.

We are finishing off post production and will post the slide show when they have been to the studio to view the images on the big screen.

Besluit wie jy tevrede wil stel.

Toe die skrywer, P. G. du Plessis, gevra is hoe hy kritiek hanteer, het hy geantwoord dat hy op ‘n dag besef het almal hou nie van hom nie. Van toe af was dit vir hom makliker om gelukkig te wees. Dit het my aangegryp, want daar’s altyd mense wat in die gesig gevat voel as mens die Here se Woord padlangs bring.

In Matteus 11 s Jesus dat dit onmoontlik is om almal tevrede te hou. Hy vertel van Johannes die Doper wat in die woestyn opgetree het. Maar toe s die mense hy is duiwelbesete. Jesus self het tussen die mense gekuier. Toe s party Hy’s ‘n vraat en ‘n drinker! Hy en Johannes het vrolike hemelse musiek kom maak, maar niemand wou dans nie. Toe maak hulle treurige musiek, maar niemand het gehuil nie (vers 16-19). Mense is met niks of niemand tevrede nie.

Moenie mense probeer gelukkig hou nie. Jy gaan dit nooit regkry nie. Dis tydmors. Dit gaan jou ‘n lewenslange slagoffer van mense se goedkeuring maak. Terloops, wys my een mens wat almal tevrede probeer hou wat ooit die wreld andersom laat draai het vir die Here! “People pleasers” wen dalk aardse gewildheidskompetisies, maar definitief nie di in die hemel nie. Vra vir Johannes en Jesus!

Sluit vandag nog aan by daardie klein bendetjie wat die ‘guts’ het om stroomop agter Jesus aan te leef. Hulle is nie meer gepla oor hulle eie beeld, of wat mense agteraf van hulle s nie. Net God se opinie tel regtig punte. Sy goedkeruing maak saak. Speel saam met hulle vir die erkenning van ‘n Skare van Een. Leef vir God se guns.

Sehume & Nthabiseng wedding.

Sehume & Nthabiseng got married on 21/04/2007 at Makiti
I was very impressed with these 2 as they made sure everything was on time. Normally African weddings run 2 or more hours late but Sehume & Nthabiseng made it clear that it would not be late. Nthabiseng had a surprise for Sehume. She and her bride’s maids arrived with 2 helicopters. I nearly got a blue eye from the wind hitting my camera against my eye when the chopper flew over me. I will post the slide show when it is done as we are finishing off the post production on this wedding.

Renier and Engela’s Book layout

Here are the pages of their Furi Fine Art book. We had half the Blue Bulls rugby team at this wedding

Ryan - Great work as always, Jaco… excellent light, creative angles and shots, beautiful layouts. I’m more than a little envious. 🙂June 7, 2007 – 1:38 pm

Jaco - Thanks Ryan 😉June 7, 2007 – 5:12 pm

Michael - Love the 5th template Jaco –June 10, 2007 – 9:59 pm

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