Going to Santorini with David and Becker

I will be attending a wedding workshop with David Beckstead and Becker in Satorini in October.

David was world wedding photographer of the year 2002 and nominated as 1 of the top 10 in the world by American Photo magazine in March 2007.

I am starting to get all the details sorted out and I am looking forward to this.

We felt honored to be the first photographers in South Africa to have some of our images featured on the Admired by Beckstead site.

Here are the links to the images. Enjoy.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

Dennis & Charmaine’s wedding day

We never met Dennis and Charmaine before the wedding day. We had their e-session scheduled for 1 week before the wedding but it rained out. Then we had a meeting set-up for 2 days later but Dennis did not feel up to it as he had his bachelor’s party the day before and felt, well …… a little under the weather. They live in the East. I think it is Hong Kong.

Their wedding was on 13/04/2007 at Greenleaves.

It was overcast and windy and we had a bit of a downpour as well. Charmaine was very worried that it would rain, but in the end it all worked out very well.

They were a fun couple and did some wacky stunts.
Have a look at their slide show to see the summary of their day. It has a lot of images so moves a bit fast but I wanted to show all of the day.

Dennis and Charmaine I hope you like it.

What a glories day.

Today was a glories day in South African Rugby. We saw an all South African Super 14 final. What a game it was. My blood is blue and was over the moon when the Bulls won, but I was even more impressed with the fact that they played not only for their fans but for the glory of our God and Lord Jesus. Victor Matfield the captain of the Blue Bulls thanked God first for being with both teams and being able to play for his glory and here you can see Jaco Van der Westhuyzen with the T-shirt he had on under his Rugby clothing that reads “Jesus is King”. They are spreading the word of Jesus through their actions. Well done boys.

Then to round things off. I rented a DVD today that was such an inspiration to me that I have to share it here on the blog. The DVD I am talking about is “Face the Giants”. It is truly an inspirational film and made me think why are we here? The bottom line is to honor and praise our Lord and maker with what ever we do. These images you see on this blog are made possible by the power God gives us and to his glory. Thank you God for giving us these talents and for making it possible to honor you this way. To YOU all the honor and glory.

I love my job …..

I got this e-mail from George and Monique Stylianou a couple who’s wedding we photographed this year.

“To Jaco & Daleen,

Thank you for keeping the memories of our wedding day alive. I have never seen such amazing wedding photo’s before. You truly capture the happiness of the day and your shots are unique and brilliant. We have honestly seen hundreds of wedding photo’s and nothing compares to the ones you take. Thank you for going the extra mile on the day, being so accommodating, staying all night and Daleen, thank you for sowing my wedding dress when I ripped it 😉

People don’t realize that after your wedding day, the only tangible thing you have left of your most special day are your photo’s and to us, the most important thing was finding the best photographers, which we did. Thanks to our friends Stan & Dom who were married a year ago-they used JD Photography and all we had to do was to see their photo’s and their amazing wedding book and we were immediately sold.

Thank you for the many many hours of shifting through the thousands of photo’s you took that night, picking the best ones and then still editing all of them. We will definitely be using you for all our future events and will recommend you to everyone. Thanks again!! “

Marc and Sarah’s wedding day

We photographed Marc and Sarah’s wedding yesterday. This couple is full of energy and like to make jokes so we had a lot of fun. Fun is what weddings are about don’t you agree.

It was very difficult in the chapel as the late afternoon sun was shining halfway on Marc and Sarah through the glass in the front. I don’t like to use flash but had no choice to balance the sun with flash. In the end it worked out well.

The priest gave an amazing service. I was listening to him all the time. My wife grabbed this shot of me from the back of the chapel, can you see the concentration on my face. He captivated me. I walked up to him after the ceremony and thanked him as he made me realize nobody is perfect and that we should work at our relationships. He said that conflict is a good thing, it makes you grow as a person and that you should use that conflict to make your bond stronger with your spouse. We as wedding photographers hear this message every week. We should listen and take it to heart.

Here are some random photos from yesterday. I will post the rest and the slide show when it is done (in about 8 weeks 😉 ).

Kingsley - Awesome window shot Jaco

Also really like the nighttime arch shotMay 14, 2007 – 9:47 am

Alon & Lucy

Alon & Lucy’s wedding was at KCC in Johannesburg on 29/03/2007. Their day was a bit hectic, let me explain. Lucy got ready at a Hotel not at the venue. When we left the hotel to go to the ceremony we got stuck in traffic as a truck overturned on the high way so everything was late. By the time the Chupa was done it was dark and started to rain so I could not do any photos of them alone. We did manage to do some night time photos.

Have a look at their wedding summary slide show

Summary slide Sow

Kevin & Louise

Kevin & Louise had their wedding at Velmore in Pretoria on 24/03/2007. What a stunning venue. It is truly a beautiful place. They are still building and all is not complete yet but I think it will become a very popular wedding venue.

Kevin & Louise are such great people. They were great to work with and we had so much fun. Louise was a bit emotional just before the ceremony but all went well in the end.

PS. I still need to do the web slide show

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